Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket

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Feeling too hot when you're sleeping? 

Our innovative Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket is designed to refreshes and helps maintain ideal body temperature for a restful sleep even in summer! 


Do you feel hot during your sleep? Do you want to sleep better? If you said YES, check out Relaxoma™ Thermo Cooling Blanket features: 

  • REFRESHING NIGHT – Breathable and refreshing, the Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket absorbs heat and sends coolness back. It creates a light cooling sensation, which allows heat to dissipate more effectively. The breathability of this cool blanket is incredible; It ventilates impressively. No more AC needed or fan that consumes electricity and makes noises. Enjoy a refreshing night!

  • PERFECT REST  – Bad sleep affects your health. Not only it will help you sleep faster but with Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket you will also reduce your anxiety level, stroke risk, diabetes risk, and depression risk. It will help you rest calmly and let you enjoy a perfect night. 

  • SAFE FOR OUR SKIN – The refreshing Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket is anti-dust mite and moisture-proof, suitable for people with sensitive skin. Soft and natural, it does not irritate delicate skin at all. 

  • AFFORDABLE & CONVENIENT Made of 100% silk thread filling, cotton, and premium polyester material, it is delicate, smooth to the touch, and is designed to make you fall asleep like a baby. It is easy to carry if you travel and you can use it everywhere (bed, sofa, train, plane). It is perfectly suited for the washing machine. Relaxoma™ Cooling Blanket can be used for kid's room, camping, in the car, travel, airplanes, brings extra soft and comfort for an afternoon nap with our sleep blanket - double side designs perfect for anywhere else you want a comfortable blanket to keep warm and cool.